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HP no.363 Vivera Ink Cart. Yellow (6ml)


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HP no.363 Vivera Ink Cart. Yellow (6ml)

HP no.363 Vivera Ink Cart. Yellow (6ml)

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Vendor Homepage:http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/ho/WF17a/A1-12771-64199-69422-69422-468203.html
Consumable Colour:Yellow
Shipping box quantity:4
Shipping Box Width:15 cm
Shipping Box Depth:15.5 cm
Shipping Box Height:13 cm
Shipping Box Weight:0.26 kg
Unit Brutto Volume:0.0007556 cubm
Unit Net Weight:0.046 kg
Parameter Level:3
Package 30 pcs
  • HP 363 Yellow Ink Cartridge with Vivera Ink
  • True-to-life colour photos and laser-quality black text with HP Vivera Inks.
  • HP ink cartridges are designed for efficient ink usage and can save you money.
  • HP Vivera Inks are backed by HP's innovation and expertise—for reliable results.
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