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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Dsktp USB Port Eng Intl Euro Hdwr


Kodas L5V-00021
Klaviatūros išdėstymas EN
Sensoriaus tipas Optinės
Sąsaja (Interface) USB/LAN(Ethernet)/Parallel
36 mėn.
1 - 3 d.d.
7 vnt.
98,86 €
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Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Dsktp USB Port Eng Intl Euro Hdwr

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Dsktp USB Port Eng Intl Euro Hdwr

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Short Description:Advanced ergonomic design The Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop has been developed based on advanced ergonomic principles, with a split keyboard that your wrists and forearms in a relaxed posture and maintains a soft palm rest for a good support for your wrists. The semicircular keyboard works well for reducing and correcting pronation of the wrist some pain and limited mobility may result. Actual comfort for long-term productivity Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop is designed for productivity, with special attention to excellent ergonomics. By a relaxed, comfortable computer experience you can work without the stress, load and discomfort of other keyboards and mice that you may have used in the past. It's all about the angles The natural semicircular keyboard model follows the line of your fingertips for a natural typing position. The reverse-tilt design positions the keyboard at the correct angle for a straight, neutral wrist posture. Furthermore, the shape of the mouse specially designed for maximum comfort pulse. The Windows button also offers direct access to the Windows 8 Start screen.
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