HAMA FL-40 Torch

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Kodas 123100
24 Months Bring-In Warranty 1 - 4 d.d. 20+ vnt.


3,15 €
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HAMA FL-40 Torch

HAMA FL-40 Torch

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Atšaukti arba 

  • Sturdy torch with a splash-proof aluminium housing, ideal for outdoor activities, workshops and households
  • LED lights are more economical and thus more durable than conventional torches
  • LED lights are brighter than conventional torches
  • Shockproof thanks to particularly sturdy LED technology
  • Splash-proof material for protection against moisture and dirt
  • Rubber-coated, non-slip grip in neon colours which glows in the dark
  • LED technology for even surface illumination
  • With a hand strap
HAMA FL-40 Torch