WK300 Black Box WATER KETTLE 1,7L 2200 W

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Kodas WK300BLACK
Spalva Juoda
2 years 1 - 4 d.d. 5 vnt.


30,09 €
UBL lizingas
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WK300 Black Box WATER KETTLE 1,7L 2200 W

WK300 Black Box WATER KETTLE 1,7L 2200 W

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ShortDesc:WK300 Black Box WATER KETTLE 1,7L 2200 W
Type:Kettle 1.7 l
  • Rapid boil system
  • Four-way automatic safety switch off
  • Washable limestone scale filter
  • DesignFeatures:
  • Cord storage
  • Easy clean
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • Water level indicator
  • Power:2200 W
  • The Multiquick water kettle can be filled directly from the tap through its large spout
  • The anti scale filter is removable and washable
  • The Rapid boil system boils water in 45 seconds
  • The on/off switch and button for opening the lid are in easy reach
  • This system provides extra safety for use in your home