A-Data S805 8 GB, USB 2.0, Grey

Trumpa specifikacija

Kodas AS805-8G-RGY
Jungties sąsaja (connectivity interface) USB 2.0
Atminties talpa (GB) - Bendra / Memory capacity (GB) - Total 8 GB
Atminties talpa / Storage capacity 8 GB
24 mėn. 1 - 4 d.d. 1 vnt.


5,57 €
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A-Data S805 8 GB, USB 2.0, Grey

A-Data S805 8 GB, USB 2.0, Grey

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Tipas:USB Flash
USB:Supports USB 2.0, backward compatible with USB 1.1
Išmatavimai:61.7 x 19.0 x 9.3mm
Ypatybės: A Unique Flash Drive Design Dressed in silver-gray or passionate red, the sleek ADATA S805 Sports USB Flash drive looks great when added to a keychain or clipped on a briefcase, backpack or notebook PC carrying case. The S805’s clever swivel design also eliminates the need for and possible loss of a cap, making it an even more indispensible item to be added to your digital arsenal.
A-Data S805 8 GB, USB 2.0, Grey
Featuring mountain-climbing sky hooks, the A-DATA’s S805 USB Flash Drive harmonically blend in delicate craftsmanship with a touch of style - making it the ultimate piece for fashion follower like yourself with great passion in sports.