HPE UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit

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Kodas AF465A
12 Months On-Site Warranty 1 - 4 d.d. 2 vnt.


258,26 €
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HPE UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit

HPE UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit

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DIMENSIONS (H x W x D cm):6.0 x 13.0 x 4.0
PACKAGE CONTENTS:Installation Guide
Warranty Card
Option Card
RS-232 to RJ45 cable
SPECIFICATIONS:Easy monitoring and management of UPS using web browser.
Remote monitoring and control of UPS and attached devices.
Real-time email alarm notification
Support for standard HP MIB
SSL data encryption and authentication
Monitors the status of the UPS
Manages a graceful shutdown of attached equipment during a utility power failure
Manages independent UPS load segments to provide separate power control of connected equipment
Prioritizes the timing of equipment shutdown and reboots connected equipment be load segment
Delays restart by load segment after a power outage to sequence the startup of system components
Shuts down and reboots the UPS and attached equipment, based on an user specified schedule
Sends customized email and broadcast notification messages and SNMP traps
Issues computer commands at power failure
Displays logs for analysis
Supports a redundant UPS configuration
Includes multi-language support
Supports network attached server communications
Supports a customizable Events script
HPE UPS Network Module MINI-SLOT Kit