Eaton Protection Strip 6 Tel@ DIN

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2 years 1 - 4 d.d. 16 vnt.


13,35 €
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Eaton Protection Strip 6 Tel@ DIN

Eaton Protection Strip 6 Tel@ DIN

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ShortDesc:Eaton Protection Strip 6 Tel@ DIN
InputVoltage:220-250 V
InputFrequency:50/60 Hz
CordLength:1 m
  • retail color pack english/spanish/german with one 4-outlet surge suppressor with 1 meter cord
  • Warranty for connected equipment up to 15 000 Euros in French/English
  • Width:390 mm
    Depth:52 mm
    Height:42 mm
    Weight:0.418 Kg
    Warranty:2 years
    EATON Protection Strip 6 Tel DIN
    Eaton Protection Strip 6 Tel@ DIN
  • Surge-protection for any sensitive electronic equipment : Computer, Phone, TV/HiFi/Video/Audio, Office equipment
  • 3 LINE PROTECTION technology (protection of all 3 wires Line/Neutral/Ground) effective against all types of perturbations
  • 13 500 A surge protection