Krepšys Targus XL 17''-18''

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Kodas CN317
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Krepšys Targus XL 17''-18''

Krepšys Targus XL 17''-18''

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Krepšio rūšis:Krepšys
Išorinė medžiaga:Koskin/Nylon
Nešiojamo kompiuterio dydis:18
Nešiojamo kompiuterio vidinio skyriaus matmenys:440 x 320 x 50
Atskiras skyrius spausdintuvui:Ne
Diržas per petį:Taip
Ergonominis diržas per petį:Taip
Pertvara iš putų:Taip
Vidiniai dirželiai neš. kompiuterio prisegimui:Taip
Papildomos kišenės:Plokščia kišenė spaudai
Neto svoris:1.25
Bruto svoris:1.3
Daugiau informacijos:www.targus.com [LINK]
Specifically designed for 17 inch notebooks, this case is smart in design and features a moulded handle ensuring total comfort when carrying your large screen notebook. Combining sturdy steel fittings and a padded notebook compartment, this carry case offers maximum durability and protection for your notebook. A quick access front workstation is featured offering multiple accessory pockets for: PDA/phone pocket, business card holder, pen loops, mesh pockets, memory card pockets and many more, ensuring you have ultimate convenience when using these essentials. With this case you will be sure to have all you need for any day in or out of the office. The notebook compartment also includes an integrated file compartment and a removable accessories pouch for your power source, mouse, etc. Lots of storage space in a smart case that offers lifetime warranty!Box 5 pcs
  • Holds notebooks with screens up to 17" (includes adjustable divider to fit smaller notebooks as well)
  • Designed to hold all those daily essentials - PDA/phone, business cards, memory cards, pens, etc
  • A moulded handle and sturdy metal fittings offer you comfort when carrying this case with all your essentials
  • Integrated file section for carrying your loose papers for every day meetings
  • Removable pouch for quick and easy access to your notebook accessories