Krepšys Targus Clamshell - S 12.1'' - 13.4''

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Kodas CN313
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Krepšys Targus Clamshell - S 12.1'' - 13.4''

Krepšys Targus Clamshell - S 12.1'' - 13.4''

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Krepšio rūšis:Krepšys
Išorinė medžiaga:Nailonas
Nešiojamo kompiuterio dydis:12.1
Nešiojamo kompiuterio vidinio skyriaus matmenys:318 x 245 x 42
Atskiras skyrius spausdintuvui:Ne
Diržas per petį:Taip
Ergonominis diržas per petį:Taip
Pertvara iš putų:Taip
Vidiniai dirželiai neš. kompiuterio prisegimui:Taip
Papildomos kišenės:Daug atskirų kišenių priedams
Užsegimo rūšis:Užtrauktukas
Papildomos funkcijos:Paminkštintas nešiojamo kompiuterio skyrius (vertikalus)
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Daugiau informacijos:www.targus.com [LINK]
Targus Clamshell case 13,3" - Black/Red nylon
TARGUS Laptop Case-S 13.3inch black
Krepšys Targus Clamshell - S 12.1'' - 13.4''
Targus Laptop Cace CN313 for 13.4"/34cm
This beautiful collection of laptop cases brings a contemporary slant on classic design. Each case has been carefully crafted with a stylish approach to practicality. Constructed from quality materials, each case features a protective padded laptop section so you can be sure that your laptop is safe Carrying is made comfortable with a cushioned shoulder pad. The length of the shoulder strap is adjustable and the strap can be removed completely if desired. Keeping belongings organised is easy with a selection of sized pockets designed for convenience, easily accessible in front zip down section.
  • Protection: Padded 13.3" laptop section
  • Comfort: Adjustable shoulder strap. Compact and lightweight
  • Size: fits laptops up to 13.3”