LENOVO ThinkPad Professional Topload Case

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Kodas 4X40E77323
12 Months Bring-In Warranty 1 - 4 d.d. 6 vnt.


69,42 €
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LENOVO ThinkPad Professional Topload Case

LENOVO ThinkPad Professional Topload Case

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Išmatavimai:HxWxL: 445 x 110 x 300 mm
Tinka nešiojamiems kompiuteriams:Fits up to14.1” Ultrabook.
Ypatybės:The ThinkPad Ultralight Backpack cases are ideal for users who rely on technology to power their day. Users who value “less is more,” will still benefit from the storage surprises this case offers when “more” is needed. No other case on the market combines military grade materials, like Kevlar®, and ripstop, with carbon fiber rods to create maximum protection at such a light weight. Features and benefits include: Military Grade materials: Kevlar blend and Ripstop provide maximum protection at minimum weight. Carbon fiber rods protect the system. EVA foam back adds stylish design as well as added protection. Fits up to 14.1” ThinkPad notebooks. Backpack only weighs 0.65kg Pockets for smart phone, tablet, and AC adaptor. Limited Lifetime Warranty. ThinkPad Branded.
LENOVO ThinkPad Professional Topload Case
Lenovo ThinkPad Professional Notebook carrying Topload Case/15.6"/ Helix;L440;L450;T450;T540;W54X;W550;X1 Carbon; Yoga 12
LENOVO ThinkPad Professional Topload Case