Linkworld Midl Tower | FRONT I/O: USB 2.0 x2, HD Audio | MB TYPE: mATX/ATX | PSU ATX 500W (12cm/silent)

Trumpa specifikacija

Kodas ATX-3261-25U
24 mėn. 1 - 4 d.d. 1 vnt.


-10,00 39,00 29,00 €
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Linkworld Midl Tower | FRONT I/O: USB 2.0 x2, HD Audio | MB TYPE: mATX/ATX | PSU ATX 500W (12cm/silent)

Linkworld Midl Tower | FRONT I/O: USB 2.0 x2, HD Audio | MB TYPE: mATX/ATX | PSU ATX 500W (12cm/silent)

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Case dimensions:39x17x40.8cm (LxWxH)
Drive bays:4 x 5,25" ; 2 x 3,5" outside 5 x3,5" hidden
Space of extra fan:12 cm (Place for 1 x 80mm fan in front and 1 x 80mm fan at black)v
Carton dimensions:44.2x20.8x48.3 (cm)
PSU INFO:500W | ATX 12V REV. 2.01 | +3.3V - 25A | +5V - 30A | +12V1 - 14A | +12V2 - 16A | -12V - 0.8A | 5Vsb - 2.0A | peak - 2.5A | Safety standarts - TUV, UL, CUL, FCC, CE | EFFICIENCY: 65% TYPICAL(FULL LOAD CONDITION) | 1x 20+4pin; 1 x 4pin 12V; 1 x 4pin Floppy, 2 x 4pin Molex, 3 x Sata, 1 x 6pin Pci-e
Features:Folded edges, stable construction, to be opened from both sides
Front panel I/O:2 x USB 2.0, 2 x HD Audio on Front

Easy to assemble and dismantle Excellent chassis structure with EMI/TUV/UL/Intel approved Sharpless-crimped-edged whole structure SECC/SGCC rustproof and galvanized steel available PSUs are Intel P4 and AMD processors compatible Optional cooling fan for better ventilation or Noiseless fan available Full range chassis is for market demand Neat edge W/O bur Stable quality warranty Optional color panel design available Intel Heat Vent is available PCI Hole available 8cm or 9cm fan available for chassis Case dimensions(Barenss Case) 39*17*40.8cm(L*W*H) CASE Dimensions 39x17x40.8cm (LxWxH) PSU INFO: 500W AVAILABLE ATX 12V REV. 2.01 HIGH QUALITY,LOW FAILURE AND LOW COSTING. EFFICIENCY:65 TYPICAL,FULL LOAD CONDITION. POWER GOOD SIGNAL:ON DELAY TIME 100~500 ms,OFF DELAY TIME 1ms HOLD UP TIME:16ms AT 25 。C FULL LOAD CONDITION AT 230V AC INPUT. OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0。C~50。C REMOTE ON/OFF CONTROL:THE POWER SUPPLY OUTPUT SHALL EB ENABLED WITHAN ACTIVE-LOW TTL SIGNAL.WHEN TTL SIGNAL IS LOW,THE DC OUTPUTS ARE TO BE ENABLED WHEN TTL SIGNAL IS HIGH OR OPEN CIRCUITED, THE DC OUTPUTS ARE TO BE DISABLED. OVER POWER PROTECTION:POWER SUPPLY WILL SHUT DOWN(130%~150%) OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION:+5V→ 6.5V, + 12V→ 14.5V +3.3V→ 4.5V EMI REQUIREMENT:FCC PART 15 SUB PART J CLASS B AT SYSTEM LOAD,CISPR22 CLASS B. CE,BSMI. SAFETY:UL+C,TUV,CCC.(accord with) PASSIVE POWER FACTORY CORRECTION: EN61000~3-2:1995+A1+A2:1998,CLASS D.