HAMA Selfie 90 Self-Monopod

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24 Months Bring-In Warranty 1 - 4 d.d. 3 vnt.


22,25 €
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HAMA Selfie 90 Self-Monopod

HAMA Selfie 90 Self-Monopod

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HIGHLIGHTS:- Self monopod that is ideal for sports and action shots e.g. for filming yourself when skiing - 2in1 system for 1/4 inch threads and GoPro cameras - The telescopic pole is extendable up to 90 cm and ideal for situations where additional height is necessary to capture the desired images, e.g. at action recordings, concerts, for difficult-to-capture subjects or group pictures - Completely new perspectives are possible with this self monopod - Connection for all cameras with a tripod thread, e.g. action cameras or digital cameras and GoPro connection - Non-slip foam grip with a hand strap and snap hook for a firm and secure grip - Can also be used as a tripod extension
HAMA Selfie 90 Self-Monopod
HAMA Selfie 90 Self-Monopod