SOUL Flex in-ear stereo ausinės, mėlynos

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24 mėn. 1 - 4 d.d. 8 vnt.


68,99 €
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SOUL Flex in-ear stereo ausinės, mėlynos

SOUL Flex in-ear stereo ausinės, mėlynos

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The Flex is a beautifully engineered sport earphone that is made for your active lifestyle. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the Flex’s unique and proprietary form fitting ear hooks lock the earphones in place to guarantee the earphones not to fall out.Advanced Driver And Circuitry DesignEngineered with SOUL's signature sound for pure balance of powerful bass and clear mids and highs.Tangle Free Audio Cable with sweat Resistant Apple® In-Line ControllerEliminates the need to constantly untangle your headphone cable. Allows instant use every time.Sporty Carrying PouchSoft carry pouch for easy storage and protection.